Sensei Hoosier

Name: Alex Hoosier


Dan: Nidan


Martial Arts Training in:


Favorite Color: Blue

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Shodan Test 8-30-2014

     Sensei Alex Hoosier was 9 years old when he first started martial arts. He started in a dojo in Naples, Florida under Shihan Dave Fox, the style was Shitoru, which originated in Okinawa. After moving to North Carolina almost a year after he started, he and his father Randy wanted to continue practicing martial arts, and after a few months decided that Core Martial Arts Academy was the best school to suit their needs because they taught many self-defense techniques, as well as traditional kata. Alex started in February 2007 and Randy soon followed, and four years later Randy received his Sho-Dan black belt. Five years after his father Alex finally received his Sho-Dan after much hard work and devotion, and now enjoys helping other students to reach their goals.